Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Every Closed Door Brings New Opportunities

Last month I was pretty bumbed out because the Store that sells my jewelry is closing at the end of Febuary. I was asked to pick up my jewelry because she was going to mark everything down 60%. I figured I'd start looking for a new place, but Last week I was gone on a five day cruise. When I got back I had a call from someone wanting to buy a necklace like they had seen someone else wear and she went tracked down the store where it was purchased and that led her to me. Great! Unfortunatly the store is still closing, but I did manage to sell the lady two necklaces. :)

Tonight I have a meeting with the local PMC guild, so I decided to wear some of the jewelry I make, I put on one of my "I Believe" necklaces, little heart earrings and my heart ring. And then I went to lunch. The man behind the counter was really impressed with my jewelry, he turned out to be the owner of the restaurant/bakery. He first asked what I was wearing around my neck... I said, 'My necklace', then when I was paying, he noticed my ring and asked, 'did your boyfriend give you that ring', I nodded 'no', he asked again, 'did your husband give you that ring?', 'nope' I replied, 'I made them'. He went on to tell me that he really liked my jewelry and would like to sell it. He showed me a book case next to the register where he had jewelry and a few other items for sell. He said he would clear the top shelf (which luckly is at eye level) and would like for my jewelry to be on the shelf that is at eye level. We quickly agreed on a consignment price and I will be delivering some jewelry tomorrow. :)


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