Tuesday, January 29, 2008

January... Busy, Busy, Busy.

January proved to be a busy time for me. And wow was it full of Birthdays... My Brother Hector on the 14th, Sister Liz on the 16, Sister Oli on the 17, Husband on the 22, nephew on the 23... Geeze, glad there is only one birthday in Febuary. My beautiful niece Tatianna who turns 15.

School started, I'm taking two classes this semester, Biology and an online course (economics)... both classes are taking up so much of my time. My online course requires online postings every Wednesday & Saturday; a weekly quiz and homwork due Tuesday. Thankfully Biology is mostly reading, though in the last 7 days we have had 2 pop quizes, the lab assignments are fun though we meet twice a week from 6:45 to 9:45pm. yuk!

To top it all off, I fractured my left wrist on the 17th.

On the 22nd I had to meet with one of the consignment stores because they were needing more jewelry. YAY! Thats always good.

But at work I had a software deadline on 24th, which thankfully I was still able to complete, though its not one that I wouldn't be very proud of, but still it turned out nice... I will be twicking it some more until its where I want it to be.

I need to work on 2 other websites for some friends; take pictures of my jewelry and update my etsy site.

I guess Feb. will also be a busy month.